Erwin van Limpt, owner of Haval talks about the value of design

Haval started as a french fries restaurant, years later it has grown into an international player in the field of disposables and packaging for the food industry. From trend-following to trend-setter, Erwin van Limpt’s father started Haval in 1984. In 1993 Erwin started at Haval and together they put the company on the map. Today, […]

We are the winner of an iF Design Award 2022.

Ranpak - Geami Wrap n Go

Together with Ranpak we have won an iF Design Award 2022. This means international recognition of excellent design. A jury panel of 132 independent design experts awarded the Ranpak Geami Wrap ‘n Go™ based on an overall assessment of challenging criteria. The competition was intense: almost 11,000 products were submitted from 57 countries. All hoping to […]

Podcast ‘Bezielde Zaken’ starring Jacques Gramser on Spotify.


In the monthly podcast ‘Beziede Zaken’, Paul and Dorine talk to leaders who inspire them. Their curiosity about Jacques’ leadership led them to our studio in Helmond. How did he create an inspired work environment and achieve success? Jacques reveals his key to success in the 20-minute podcast. Jacques is the co-founder of GBO Innovation […]

As a driven sports innovator, Carla Scholten gets people moving.


In 2008 Carla Scholten started Embedded Fitness. At that time Interactive gaming wasn’t mainstream yet. It was back then when Carla was thinking about combining games with sports. She gets people moving with her passion for sports innovation. As an innovator with a strong entrepreneurial vision, she knows how to inspire people. Always looking for […]

The Story of the Kroonring; used weekly throughout the Netherlands.

Songs by iconic artists like Elvis Presley, ABBA, Bob Marley, The Beatles, anyone can sing them along. We call them Evergreens: songs that have maintained their popularity over the years. Now we (unfortunately) do not produce songs, but we do produce products. Some innovations from our hand have been successful for years. In GBO Evergreens […]

Jacques Gramser’s experience as a jury member of IF Design.


The IF Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards. An independent jury of international design experts meets to determine award-winning designs, based on a set of objective screening standards. For the next 4 years, Jacques has been selected to fulfill the role of a jury member. He shares his experience below. Jacques […]

Aftermovie 2021 | GBO Weekend

Groepsfoto-GBO-Weekend-2021 (1 of 1)

Urbexen in Charleroi, feesten in tropische sferen en een dropping met een helicopter! Bekijk hieronder de aftermovie van het avontuurlijke GBO Weekend 2021 in België.

4 GIO Erkenningen en 2 Special Awards!

GIO Erkenning-header

Woensdagavond, 20 oktober, vond de uitreiking van de GIO (Goed Industrieel Ontwerp) 2021 plaats in het Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. Tijdens het uitgebreide programma onder leiding van Frans Pollux werden alle 30 erkende producten, 17 nominaties en de winnaars van de 6 Speciale Awards gepresenteerd en uitgereikt. Een GIO Erkenning is geen prijs maar een nationaal […]

Interview about the imec & GBO Innovation makers collaboration

As a leading research institute, imec at Holst Centre is at the very forefront of on-chip sensor technology. But to discover the true potential of such technology in the real world, imec regularly collaborates with other companies. One such partner is the Dutch-based design agency GBO Innovation makers. Erasing the lines between technology and design, […]