GBO Innovation makers wins a Good Design Award with Roland.

16-10-2018Colin de Bijl / Awards

Roland’s new LX700 series recreates the experience of playing a beautiful grand piano at a world-class venue. An elegant design that invites you to play, with minimal distractions, carefully chosen backlit buttons, and sophisticated rotary knobs. Immediately after the release, it was also announced that we have won a Good Design Award with one of the three models, namely the LX708 Digital Piano. A wonderful recognition coming from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion and Good Design.



International Recognition

The Good Design Awards are held in Japan, Tokyo for more than 60 years. Over the years the G-Mark logo has become a familiar sign of good design. We are therefore extremely proud to receive the award. The exhibition is currently taking place in Tokyo until 3 November and Roland will be there on display.

This is what the jury had to say about the product:

“The LX708 garnered praise for its developers’ approach of pursuing a new interpretation for digital pianos. Instead of hiding its speakers and controls, this product adopts a design where they are made visible in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way, also giving it the elegance that pianos are known for. Meticulous attention has also gone into the keyboard touch, making this product a beautiful fusion of digital and acoustic.”

Beautifully simple.
Simply beautiful.

When a piano sounds this good, it should look good too. From the tall, impressive cabinet flanked by one-piece side panels on the LX708, to the elegant front legs and sophisticated curves, every piano in the LX700 series draws you in and compels you to start playing. Across all three models, the finish has been carefully selected and meticulously manufactured, so you can choose a piano that truly looks at home in your living room.