DIETZ Power attracts a lot of attention at Rehacare

03-10-2018Frank d'Achard van Enschut

The collaboration between Dietz Power and GBO Innovation Makers has led to the Sango Advanced. In a short lead time of 1.5 years, a complete collection of electric wheelchairs has been developed. The entire collection was presented in Messe, Düsseldorf.

The Rehacare took place at the end of September in Messe Düsseldorf. In the midst of worldwide players in the field of rehabilitation, Dietz Power has made a strong impression with the Sango Advanced. The collection is recognizable by special constructions such as the suspension and the shape of the armrests. Three models are available on the modular platform, drive from the front, rear or in the middle.

Our share in this collaboration consists of the design, engineering and the assembly of prototypes and models. At an early stage, a 0 series (including 3D-printed models) was produced to assess the new product from a production and marketing point of view.

We are proud of the result of this regional cooperation. View below an impression of the exhibition stand.