Erwin van Limpt, owner of Haval talks about the value of design

May 20, 2022
May 20, 2022

Erwin van Limpt, owner of Haval talks about the value of design

Haval started as a french fries restaurant, years later it has grown into an international player in the field of disposables and packaging for the food industry. From trend-following to trend-setter, Erwin van Limpt’s
father started Haval in 1984. In 1993 Erwin started at Haval and together they put the company on the map.

Today, Erwin van Limpt talks about entrepreneurship, innovation, and the role of GBO Innovation makers
during his years at Haval. 

Erwin van Limpt in a nutshell

Erwin describes himself as a willful entrepreneur who is always trying new possibilities. He likes to work efficiently and wants to achieve the maximum result with as little effort as possible. Erwin looks at trends and developments and strives for an increasingly better result. He truly believes in
teamwork. Together you can achieve way more than alone.

History of Haval

Haval once started as a french fries restaurant. One of their customers had an injection molding
machine that was not using anymore. It was from that point on that The van Limpt family started
producing their own chip forks. Reputable catering wholesalers quickly found out about their products and started buying them. From that moment on history was made. Haval currently produces 600
million products for the food market every year. The focus has shifted from plastic and single-use to sustainable products and processes.

Origin of our collaboration

Our collaboration with GBO Innovation makers started about 30 years ago. Developing something beautiful together has always been in Haval’s DNA. Out of the motivation to create an increasingly better and more beautiful product, we joined forces with GBO Innovation makers. It’s a success
because after 30 years we are still working together on innovative projects.

Why do you, as an entrepreneur, value design and innovation?

We are always looking for new innovations in our field. We then also tried out such new developments, but we try to do it faster, smarter, and cheaper. Our market is very price-oriented. Suppose all products cost 10 euros, then naturally you will choose the most beautiful or good looking product. You don’t
develop a special product by imitating something. We are always looking for innovations.

Erwin van Limpt, Owner of Haval

What do you like about working with GBO Innovation makers?

They understand Haval’s customers very well, which allows us to work efficiently. After a collaboration of 30 years, you know each other’s qualities and abilities. For instance, during our meetings, the GBO designers sketch their ideas on paper. This quickly creates an image or vision that we have in mind. It speeds up the development process tremendously.

Together we have created successful and award-winning products. For me, a successful product is not necessarily a product that wins awards. The product has to sell, that’s what counts in my eyes. Our most recent collaboration is on the product line called Circulware. It is a circular tableware set as an
alternative to disposable tableware. It is an innovation that could become a revolution in the take-away industry. I hope to achieve much more success together in the future.