GIO Award for two of our products

October 28, 2020

Proudly we can announce that we have won two GIO Awards. The jury recognized the Prowise MOVE Camera and DiBO’s high-pressure cleaner the JMB M/E as good industrial design. Award-winning designs are the result of successful collaborations. The winners will be exhibited in the virtual edition of the Dutch Design Week.

The motion tracker camera: Prowise MOVE is one of the winners.

A Good Industrial Design Award is not a prize but a mark of quality in recognition of good craftsmanship. Products which receive an award meet professional design standards: the product does what it is intended to do (technical functionality); is easy to use and safe (ergonomics); it is different from other products (originality); it looks good (design) and meet environmental demands (respect). 

Independent jury

Friday October 16, an independent professional jury chaired by Jan Siebers and also consisting of Zuzanna Skalska and Hans Robertus assessed all submissions. Two of our designs have been selected.

Virtual showroom

All entries were shown during the virtual DDW of 2020. The visitor could admire the winner through a virtual exhibition. As the exhibition is closed we would like to introduce you to our two winners below. 

Prowise MOVE camera

Prowise MOVE Camera

Designed around the user experience of both teachers and students, the Prowise MOVE camera stimulates an active learning environment. The camera has the ability to see depth; this allows users to communicate during body movements.

The refined rectangular contours of the camera are derived from the accompanying Prowise Touchscreen. To prevent overheating of the integrated electronics, the product’s heat sink is made of aluminum. A slider with subtle positioning of design elements ensures the protection of the camera and privacy in the classroom.

DiBO Winner of a GIO Award


The JMB-M / E is the first electric and natural gas variant high-pressure cleaner from DiBO. With the focus on practicality, ergonomics and a heart for people and nature, the trailer fits seamlessly into the renewed design DNA of the organization. Green symbolizes the energy-efficient and environmentally conscious way in which the company develops, produces, does business and always applies the latest technologies in their cleaning machines.

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