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Twickto | Construction toys
Alfen | Eve Single S- and Pro-line
Accell Group | Sparta ION
Pal-V | Liberty Pioneers Edition
Rioned | eControl+
Roland Corporation | LX700 Series
Fancom | eYegrow pig weighing system
Gemeente Helmond | Red castles
Eurocoin Gaming | Onyx
Houweling | Brand Identity
Motexion | Volkswagen T6 - Double cabin
Cordstrap | Battery operated tensioner
Imec | EEG Headset
Vrumona | Rivella packaging design
Propeaq | Light therapy glasses
Oxboard | Pro & One
Medical Training Tools | Upper GI-model
Royal Talens | Ecoline
Imants | 33-serie spading machine
Kuhn | Baler machine: FBP 2135
Jumbo | Filet americain packaging
Gymna | 100-200 series
Kroonring | Plastic waste collector
Rioned | Brand Identity
Menz & Gasser | JAM in JAR
Summox | One
Basil | Commuter Carrier
Omron | Industrial PC
NPS Diesel | IODA
Smit Visual | Chameleon Mobile
Bavaria | 'It's all in the game' beertap
Devos Lemmens | Packaging design