Brand identity manual

Recognition is key

Brand identity manual

A brand identity manual documents the identity of a company, its brands and its products. GBO produces brand identity manuals with existing logos, color palettes and fonts, or new ones based on the ConceptCards method.

A consistent brand design that matches the organization is just as important for name brands as it is for specialists in niche markets: recognition is the key to trust. The scope of a brand identity depends on the reach of the company.

GBO has three ambition levels for brand identity manuals.


Contains all elements printers and designers need to be able to apply the brand identity, including variations in logo, color definitions and fonts.


Everything included in the Basic version plus information about professional design choices, so you can define your own elements for new applications or areas of activity.


Everything included in the Basic and Medium version, plus information about professional choices in communication and brand strategy, such as tone of voice or social media approach.

Would you like an example?

Take a look at our own basic brand identity manual. This will give you a better idea of what yours might look like. You can download the PDF for free by clicking the button below.