Capture concepts in a sketch

Fast, competent visualisations of concepts and ideas.

The power of sketching

Sketches are an important tool we use at GBO to explain decisions, refine designs or simply capture ideas. At GBO, many design processes start with so-called ‘blue sketches’: fast, competent visualisations of a concept and ideas without needing to reach for design software.

Sketching as visualization offers quick results. It’s the basis for a dialog and helps deciding on the way forward. Many design education programs have started paying attention again to developing this professional skill.


Bring your idea to life

Are you interested in a blue sketch of your idea? Please contact Jaques Gramser.

Find the solution together

Design processes are notably faster by using sketches at the right moment. Sketching is a perfect basis and tool for agile engineering, which allows the GBO team to respond efficiently to user participation and the insights that arise from it. Sketches can lead to consensus more quickly and increase the feeling of having found the solution together.

Translation an empty sheet of paper plus an idea into the first blue sketch of a product can often be done in mere minutes. That opens communication and sets the stage for input from participants.