Accell Group - Sparta ION

Optimal protection with an improved assembly time.

Create a beautifully designed, affordable, and easy to (dis)assemble solution that protects the precious motor of an electric bicycle in any circumstance.
Impact and weather-resistant plastic casing that perfectly fits the ION motor's mounting points. During maintenance, the hood can be removed and put back in just a few easy steps.
The most expensive part of the Sparta ION is optimally protected with an improved assembly time in production and maintenance. The ION became ß 2019.
Company introduction

Accell Group is the European market leader in e-bikes and is known worldwide for brands such as Batavus, Koga, Raleigh, and Sparta. With their XLC brand, Accell also wants to be the market leader in the bicycle parts and accessories based on corporate social responsibility. Pioneering family businesses built Accell’s brands, and their entrepreneurial spirit lives on in high-quality, advanced products.

Engineering and production

Starting with Accell’s sketches, the plastics engineers and GBO’s designers created an engineering concept. The optimal solution was developed in a few rounds using prototypes from our workshop. Once the design was completed, GBO Innovation makers began production of the hoods for Accell.


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