The Compact S9000

The future of farming is here and now.

To give the revolutionary asparagus robot an appearance that emphasizes its innovative character. For the operator, the appearance of the machine must give a safe and well-arranged feeling.
The innovative machine stands out in the extensive asparagus fields and can cope with its robust working environment. The distinctive design is recognizable from afar as an AVL Motion machine.
As a complete game-changer in its field with a suitable design, the machine has a bright future ahead of it. During its launch, it received a lot of publicity, including from the royal family.
Company introduction

AVL Motion Group supplies sustainable harvesting applications for horticulture. The company invent and build best-in-class autonomous harvesting machines for selective harvesting. 

Design exploration

Our designers were able to take the existing framework with integrated technology as a starting point. This allowed them to immediately make sketches to scale. Looking beyond just the housing, consideration has also been given to the integration of user-friendly lighting that assists the operator. Throughout the design process, a thoughtful focus was kept on improving the visibility of the machine.

Marketing strategy

Successful products arise from a solid brand strategy. By properly positioning AVL Motion, we were able to devise powerful campaigns aimed at the target group: the potential customer. Prior to the launch of the campaigns, we improved the corporate identity by, among other things, adjusting the logo, coming up with a strong slogan, and building a website. To ensure consistency, all elements and their use are described in a house style guide.

Founder AVL Motion:

Arno van Lankveld

“Despite the shortened test period due to corona, we showed this season that we are able to build a super-fast robot that can harvest 9,000 asparagus per hour. We also received many compliments on the manoeuvrability, the simple operation and the ease of maintenance. Our machine is to asparagus cultivation what Mercedes is to Formula 1: It is fast, reliable and delivers a top performance under all circumstances (source:


The concept of the drawing board was realized at a very fast pace using sheet metal made of stainless steel and aluminum. As you can see in the photo, the integration of the lighting has been taken into account in the sheet metal.

Final appearance

The design consists of elements that have emerged from the marketing strategy. The new look of the machine is clearly recognizable from a distance as AVL Motion. In order to guarantee consistency, the design is completely aligned according to the guidelines from the pre-developed house style guide.

In the field

When the brand new machine was harvesting in full glory, we went into the asparagus field with a small team for a photo and film report of the machine. Armed with a drone and camera, we shot high-quality footage. AVL motion has used these images for the product launch, website, and other promotion-related activities.


Royal attention

During a regional visit by King Willem Alexander and King Maxima, the machine was presented as one of the robotic innovations in the agricultural sector. Looking back, we can be very proud of this special product presentation.

Symbolic reference

What used to be harvested by hand is now automated by a robot. In a playful way, we introduced the farmers to the future of asparagus cultivation. The characteristic tool of the asparagus farmer, the stabbing knife, is a thing of the past. We have therefore framed the knife and sent it to all asparagus farmers in the area. As a symbolic reference to the past, they can literally frame the distinctive tool and hang it on the wall.


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