Basil - Commuter carrier

A solid collaboration has led to a suitable product. 

A bicycle bag must be firmly attachable and easy to take with you to the office or home. Basil wants a solution that is more innovative, smarter, and better than the competition.
A user-friendly, multifunctional hook and mounting system with built-in shock absorption that withstands the harshest conditions for single bicycle side bags for almost any bicycle.
Basil's proprietary system for bicycle mounting and an integrated carrier allows Basil to grow with the bicycle market. This led to a prestigious innovation award at the 2019 Eurobike fair.
Company introduction

Thanks to Basil, dogs can also ride on bicycles instead of running after them panting. The first dog bed laid the foundation for a company that supplies comfortable bicycle accessories across Europe. Thanks to Basil’s baskets, bags, crates, and rain gear, everyone can enjoy cycling all year round, whether privately or for business.

Product introduction

The design of the luggage carrier fits seamlessly with the wishes and needs of the user. We are talking about commuters, people who travel back and forth between their home and work. How does the commuter use his bicycle, and more specifically the luggage carrier? Key points are simple, fast and reliable. 

A solid collaboration between Basil, Spanninga, Tracefy, Massload and our own engineers and designers has led to a suitable product. 

Basil Commuter Carrier_design

Product engineering

Various innovations are included in the design. For example, the way in which the bag is hung on the luggage carrier. The bag hangs on a cushioned bar that ensures that the impact on the contents of the bag is reduced. In addition to the damping, the bar is adjustable for optimum freedom of movement for the heels of the user. 

Product engineering

The carries has an integrated, clearly visible rear light and is equipped with the reliable MIK (Mounting is key) system for luggage carriers. With the MIK system, users can easily change accessories from many brands. last but not least, the product is ‘smart’ thanks to an integrated GPS tracker and bike-computer. Now, in all you hurry, you can easily find your bike in the city. 

Basil Commuter Carrier_14

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