Waste-free food & drinks, for people & the environment.

Setting the new standard when it comes to reusable packaging for meals and snacks
An alternative to disposable tableware. The Circulware products can be reused up to 125x.

Reducing litter and making the planet healthier.

Since 3 July 2021, the European Single-Use Plastics (SUP) directive has been active, which aims to reduce litter and make the earth healthier. Single-use products such as plastic straws, cups, cutlery are hereby banned. An alternative is disposable items made of other materials such as cardboard or bamboo. But what if we go for a reusable alternative that can still be 100% recycled even after multiple uses? Thus we keep raw materials in the chain, preventing waste and reducing our CO2 emissions.

The sustainable alternative to disposable tableware.

With Circulware, Haval offers an alternative to disposable tableware. The Circulware series includes products made from (biobased) PP. It lasts at least 125 cycles and is 100% recyclable. After the last use, the products can be collected and recycled again to make new products.

Client's perspective

“It is a great help that GBO immediately understands what we’re looking for and translates that into distinctive designs.”

Completely produced in the Netherlands.

The reusable packaging for meals and snacks consists of different colors and sizes. Circulware consists of two equal parts with a handy click system. The product is completely produced in the Netherlands. This results in major gains in CO2 footprint compared to alternatives from Asia, for example.

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