Cordstrap - Battery operated tensioner

A balanced one-hand battery operated cargo strapper.

Developing a balanced one-hand battery operated cargo strapper to increase productivity.
The CBT 35 Battery Operated Tensioner combined with Cordstrap composite polyester strapping is the perfect answer to cargo strapping requirements: ergonomically designed for easy operation, powerful and reliable.
The award-winning Cordstrap CBT35 Battery Tensioner provides consistent tension to composite strapping. The combination of a unique ergonomic design with ease of use allows for productivity increases up to 38%.
Company introduction

The Dutch company Cordstrap has more than 50 years of experience in protecting cargo during transport. They search for innovative solutions that ensure that products will safely get from A to B is central to this.


Thorough understanding of user specifications, regulations,  EU standards and the competition, formed the basis for product requirements. Correct components have been selected and tested in different set-ups. Field studies were conducted to gain valuable user experience (UX) insights.



Cordstraps’ current corporate identity has been used as an inspiration for the visual product direction.



With an approach focused on ergonomics, different layouts and shapes were explored and tested. In this process, the weight was taken into account in order to determine the final design. The development of the foot mechanism and the worm gear started simultaneously.

Technische tekening cordstrap

Design sketches supported by the correct ergonomic configuration on one hand and the correct components on the other. Naturally, we started off with image panels defining the style and overall design language. After extensive deliberations, a final direction was chosen.


All the functional elements are incorporated in the 3D model assuring a good fit and the correct assembly. Several functional prototypes have been printed in-house to perform the necessary testing and validation. The housing is designed and engineered based on two-component injection moulding. The grip parts are made of TPE while the housing is glass-filled PA6.



The complete assembly is engineered and tested by our in-house team ensuring product quality and strength, needed for its specific usage. The efficient collaboration between our engineering and design teams helped in achieving the shortest possible time to market.

Mould construction

Due to a very tight schedule the moulds have been constructed to keep limited changes possible.


All parts and assembly have been checked and measured thoroughly to fine-tune the tolerances and eliminate all failures.


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