Compostable cutlery

The new non-plastic.
Consume naturally.

Develop a sturdy and functional, but still compostable, cutlery line.
New non-plastic cutlery that also serves as nutrients for Dutch soil on which new wheat straw crops can grow.

100% compostable

The Plantastiq (PLQ) material is used to produce the Cyclups cutlery, ice cream spoons, stirrers and straws. This material is a granulate made from 50% wheat straw and 50% lignin and cellulose from trees. It is a unique product and 100% compostable. Cyclups is also working on a variant that consists of 100% wheat straw and will be on the market in 2023. For more information about the material visit With the new material and a regional collaboration between several companies, we started developing a cutlery line together.

Sustainable tableware

The PLQ material offers a sustainable alternative to disposable tableware. The Cyclups products are made from 100% biobased materials. They are fully compostable and biodegradable. In addition, the products can also be collected and recycled again to make new products.

Creating a fork, a spoon and a knife from PLQ makes a big impact on creating clean oceans. It’s inspired by nature. The cutlery holds a natural colorant, more colors are currently under development. The product is produced entirely in the Netherlands, from granulate to final products.

Clients' thoughts

We have to go back to nature. Not only in finding circular alternatives to plastic, but also in terms of mindset and behavior. Nowadays we have strayed too far from nature. Many think it is beyond our control. Unjustly, together with our environment we form nature ourselves. PLQ cutlery offers a new perspective on sustainable development. To develop and produce the first products together with other companies is a great experience. A step in the right direction.