Devos & Lemmens - Packaging design

Combines both usability and distinctiveness.

Devos & Lemmens had the ambition to introduce, as first, a new generation of pack type in the cold sauce & mayo/dressing markets. Next to their jar & squeeze.
200 ml packaging that has a top-up shelf presentation and that can be used as a squeeze or a jar with a teaspoon. Complemented with a new label design.
The new 200 ml packaging combines both usability and distinctiveness into an inviting compact new sauce packaging.
Company introduction

Devos & Lemmens has been producing a wide range of different sauces since 1886. As a market leader in Belgium, they are know for their playful campagnes, and very qualitative products with a great heritage.

‘More sauces, more pleasure’

Product introduction

Devos & Lemmens had so far 2 pack types in the market for cold sauces and mayo/dressing. Jar & Squeeze. Squeeze was introduced in the market by Devos & Lemmens in 2008. This was a real novelty in the market. This introduction has led to market value growth due to higher price positioning for this new pack version and increased shelf space for D&L. In the meantime, all players have introduced squeeze as well and Devos & Lemmens has now no point of difference any more versus other players. The result of an extensive design process is a small packaging with a dual jar-squeeze function.

D&L concept sketch


Initially a workshop/brainstorm was organised together with the D&L team, GBO Innovation makers and some other creative partners to come up with inventive sauce solutions. Different ideas were validated with consumers in a qualitative research and GBO Innovation makers translated the best rated idea to a final concept design.


Together with production partners and the technical team from Continental Foods, The concept is translated to a producible 3D design, ready to be implemented on the production line of Devos & Lemmens.

D&L Concept squeeze
D&L Concept jar
D&L Label design

Label design

To introduce a new generation of packaging to the sauce market, it was also the ideal opportunity to give the label a younger, qualitative visual appearance. The label kept its familiar D&L language, yet with certain elements following current trends, making it more contemporary.


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