Gymna - 100-200 series

A easy-to-use, smart and, above all, practical device.

A compact, easy-to-use and maintain device in a stylish and elegant design. The device needed to fit in with the existing Gymna electrotherapy portfolio, while at the same time being the bridge to the next generation.
We were able to transform our client’s clear intentions into a beautiful and, above all, smart and practical device.
The GYMNA 200 series re-positioned GYMNA in the world of electrotherapy and made it clear that this is a company to watch. Awarded with a Red Dot price, we are proud that the GYMNA 200 is recognized for its design excellence.
Company introduction

Gymna is one of the world’s leading producers of investment goods in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Gymna focuses on providing quality and innovative products with great added value for users.


Inspiration was found in objects that are used frequently, are highly intuitive to operate and are very easy to maintain. On the emotional side, a lot of attention was given to gentle shapes and forms that create a feeling of comfort in a product to patient relationship.



The creation phase was an intensive process of elimination, finding the right balance between therapist needs, ergonomic requirements, technical limitations and user or patient expectations.


A selection of designs was translated to 3D. Then refined, tested and optimized into a final concept design.



For the GYMNA 200 series, the whole user experience starts with the User interface (UI). A simple, yet clever layout for buttons and screens was put together, bringing compatibility over the different models with single components.


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