Houweling - Brand identity

The new logo shows two people meeting and working together.

Houweling Group is a diversified family of businesses. We had the honour to reshape the business structure and design a new corporate identity.
The new logo shows two people meeting and working together. Those two people merged together form the capital letter 'H'. The old colors, black and yellow, are used as well to create recognizability.
The brand elements are implemented in all possible touch points (stationary, office decorations, etc.) to create a powerful and consistent visual identity.
Company introduction

The Houweling Group is a family of companies. They advise, develop and sell products for their customers to protect people, plants, products and the environment. The company strives for sustainable growth for future generations.


Houweling Group is a family company, founded in 1925. To get a full impression of this company, we started with interviewing some of the people of the Houweling Group. By creating moodboards we determined the right design direction.

Houweling moodboard


We created a lot of concepts for the new logo which we presented to the client. Out of these concepts they picked their favorite.

The logo

We merged the people who are shaking hands into the capital letter ‘H’. This is the new logo of the Houweling Group.


Brand colors

Consistent use of color is one of the easiest, most effective ways to break through marketing clutter. The primary colors are one of the strongest components of the Houweling Group guidelines.


The Houweling Group corporate logo is the most recognizable element of the brand. It shows the capital letter ‘H’ which is used by Houweling Group since they started in 1925. Only now we made it much more modern to match with the company.


To introduce the new logo to the world, we created an animation that tells the story. It explains the shape of the ‘H’ and tells you where it stands for.


New identity, same family

As an extension to the logo animation, we created a visual that shows the old logo and a sneak peak of the new logo in one image.


We found some of the comments that were posted on the Houweling Group Linkedin when they introduced the new logo for the first time online. Some very nice compliments for our work.


Don’t hesitate to ask them. Also, have a look at a similar case like this one.

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