Imants - 33-serie spading machine

User-friendly, safe, and recognizable design.

Develop a user-friendly, safe, and recognizable housing for the new generation Imants spading machines, while matching the design language and housing with their diverse range of tillage machines.
The 33 Series spading machine is recognizable by the color scheme of blue and black, with yellow stripes. The proprietary spade brackets enable a higher driving speed with little chance of clogging.
Introduction at Agritech in Hannover, part of the design exhibition at the Noord-Brabant Museum during the Van Gogh inspiration year 2015. Recognition of Good Industrial Design (GIO) from the Designlink Stichting.

Company introduction

Imants is a global player in tillage machines for agriculture, horticulture, and sports fields. From Reusel near Eindhoven, these are delivered worldwide for the processing of sand, loam, and clay – deep digging for potato cultivation, and subtle when it comes to golf courses. During the past 130 years, Imants has learned that the earth gives back what it gets; the machines work the soil carefully, resulting in a sustainable yield.

Product introduction

During the design process for the 33 Series spading machines, Imants and GBO developed a clear design language suitable for upcoming products and brand refresh of the existing range. Simple, geometric shapes underline the functional and robust character of the tillage machines.


Product design en engineering

Imants’ blue, known worldwide, is combined with matte black and yellow accents. The combination of design and engineering led to GIO recognition; The collaboration’s crowning glory.

In early 2015, the 33-series spading machine was in honor of the Van Gogh inspiration year, as part of a design exhibition, in the North Brabant Museum in Den Bosch!


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