Limso water softener

Remove limescale in an easy and ergonomic way.

Redesign the Limso water softener and add extra functionality to make the product smarter and more ergonomic.
As a result a contemporary design with elegant shapes including an LED indication and refill comfort for an optimal user experience.

One of the most essential parts in our lives; water.

Water quality is extremely important. In the Netherlands, water is of high quality. However, there is often too much lime in the water. As a result, it leaves traces of lime on the skin, shower, and much other equipment. The Limso water softener offers a smart answer to lime in a modern design.


The best technology hidden in a minimalist design.

The product has been specially developed for ease of placement of the softener. For example, place the water softener tightly in the corner without getting dirt behind the device. The light gray color in combination with the blue edge gives it a calm and unique look. Due to its minimalist design, it easily fits in different spaces. 

Designer's perspective

“For me, the tough challenge was to design an appealing appearance despite the fact that the product is not often visible in daily life. Ultimately, the design will be one of the considerations in the buying process.”

Optimal ease of user experience.

In addition to the appearance, the user experience has also been greatly improved. For example, the salt opening was taken into account during the development for optimum refill comfort. In addition, you do not have to take any tests yourself to check the operation of the water softener, with the built-in LED indication you can easily read the status of the water softener. Blue is optimal operation & orange means a regeneration process is in progress.

During the design process, we always kept the installer in mind. The installation manual and the supplied mounting kit are easy to understand. If you are handy enough you can do it all by yourself!