Medical training tools - Upper GI-Model

A durable product for training purposes.

Translate an organic product, a real stomach, into a silicone model designed for training purposes.
It is a durable product for training purposes. Also an effective solution for all hospitals.
The required finances for the production of the first series were raised at lightning speed through crowdfunding.
Company introduction

Medical training tools introduced the Tractus Digestivus Box (TO Box) for healthcare that allows medical specialist to perform practical and straightforward skills training in the field of gastroenterology.

Product introduction

Medical training tools and GBO Innovation makers have developed the Tractus Digestivusbox (TD Box), which allows hands-on training using reusable silicone models. With our expertise in the field of material knowledge and production techniques, we have succeeded in developing a product that is as realistic as possible, providing an unsurpassed training experience. 


Product design

To stimulate gastric flexibility, the product is made of silicone material the silicone model is light-weight, compact and the soft surface provides a closer approximation of that of human anatomy. The product has been developed in two different variants, a skin-colored model and a completely transparent model. 

Development process

During the development process, prototypes were developed and tested by medical specialists. Prototyping was of the utmost importance to the final product. By creating prototypes, factors such as flexibility, tolerance, robustness, and overall appearance can be tested. These prototypes have led to a suitable and sustainable choice of materials. 

The required finances for the production of the first series were raised at lightning speed through crowdfunding. 


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