MoNoA - Smart wearable

Start measuring your stress level today with an invisible wearable.

Producing a multi-material and high-end wearable with a state-of-the-art technique inside.
A beautifully produced product within the agreed high quality standards.
The company is ready to take the market by storm with this accurate measuring device in an award-winning design.
Company introduction

MoNoA’s mission is to democratize well-being and let all human beings unlock their full potential, with access to the necessary data about their health and personalized coaching at their fingertips. Own your health!

Smart device

The MoNoA wearable measures stress levels. The user gains insight into the impact that stress has on the physical and mental state of the user. The smart device also provides stress reduction guidelines to improve your daily life. 


Invisible design

The special design aspect of the device is the fact that it is almost invisible. How? By the way it is attached to the wrist. You need to attach the device to the strap of your watch. This allows the user to measure his stress levels without being visible.

Materials & production

The MoNoA wearable is made of the highest quality materials that guarantee high impact strength and flexibility, and accurate measurement through the sensors. All used materials are biocompatible. The wearable is splash-proof and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth.


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