Pal-V - The Liberty Pioneer Edition

An exclusive upgrade of the world's first flying car.

An upgraded of the standard model of the Pal-V into an exclusive version. The special edition is limited to only 90 units.
The Pioneer Edition differs from the "standard" model with a different interior with leather upholstery, two-tone color scheme and carbon fiber details.
Introduction of the world's first flying production car at the Geneva Motor Show. The limited edition of ninety pieces is due to appear on the road (or in the air) in 2020

Company introduction

In 2008 the company PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) was founded by Robert Dingemanse and John Bakker. What started as a dream has become the world’s first flying car.

Product introduction

Pal-V offers the unique opportunity to write history with The Liberty Pioneer Edition of the first flying car in the world. Roughly 15 years after the registration of the first patent, the Dutch flying car is ready for pre-sale. We had the honor to upgrade the standard model of the Pal-V into an exclusive version of which only 90 will be made.


Product design

The Liberty Pioneers Edition couldn’t deviate too much from the standard model of the Pal-V (designed by Spark). To deliver an exclusive look and feel, we’ve changed the overall color of the car into vibrant orange and added multiple interior design elements. Including the dedicated steering wheel. 


The interior of The Liberty Pioneer Edition has been created with an eye for detail. Within the regulatory restraints, we have added subtle elements that reflect the brand logo into the design. The completely handcrafted interior is made of genuine leather and lightweight aviation aluminum. 



Detail adjustments to the exterior have been made to underline a more sporty appearance. To emphasize the exclusivity, graphic details have been added on the rear wheel covers. 


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