Propeaq - Light therapy glasses

Propeaq makes light therapy available to everyone.

Light expert and Propeaq founder, Toine Schoutens, wants to make light therapy available to everyone, with a mobile solution: sleek, modern-looking glasses with built-in technology and an app.
An idea was translated into a manufactured product in less than six months. Additional cost benefits were achieved in the second generation, and an OEM version was also produced.
With first and second-generation glasses, Propeaq has been able to quickly conquer a strong position as an innovator in markets where the quality of life and results count heavily.
Company introduction

The science-based methods and insights of founder Toine Schoutens have resulted in multiple patents. His core work is portable light therapy in the form of Propeaq light glasses. “After all, sitting as a therapy in front of a lightbox is not an efficient use of your precious time,” he summarizes his mission. Hundreds of Olympic and top athletes, and thousands of professionals now work with the Propeaq light glasses.

Product introduction

GBO created a modern design that includes Propeaq patents. The light glasses with interchangeable lenses are a tool that helps athletes, night workers, the elderly, and many others in achieving better results and quality of life.

Propeaq light therapy glasses
PROPEAQ pictures

Product marketing

In addition to product design and production, Albert Zeeman also assisted Propeaq with product marketing and introductions in various markets for a year.


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