Prowise - MOVE Camera

Innovative camera in the field of education.

Design a camera that fits its product family and is suitable for both the user experience of the students and teachers.
The result is a subtle and technically sublime design that fits within the product family of Prowise products.
The Prowise Move Camera makes digital education more accessible, energetic, but above all more fun.
Company introduction

Prowise makes digital education accessible for everyone. As a reliable and innovative partner, we are proud to present our digital education solutions that aim at making learning and collaborating easier, more effective and more fun.

Product introduction

Designed around the user experience of both teachers and students, the Prowise Move camera stimulates an active learning environments. The camera has the ability to see depth; this allows users to interact throughout body movements.

Prowise MOVE camera


The refined rectangular contours of the camera are derived from the corresponding Prowise Touchscreen. To prevent the overheating of the integrated electronica, the product heat sink is made of aluminium. A slider, with subtle positioning design elements, ensures the protection of the camera and privacy in the classroom.


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