Vrumona - Rivella packaging design

An iconic and unique design with increased shelf impact.

Be future proof and remain appealing to a younger target group. Maintain or accelerate the growth of Rivella in the years ahead.
An iconic and unique family design with increased shelf impact. A core distinctive character by optimal merge of 3D and 2D design.
The right shape and image language of the packaging highly contributes to increased brand salience, address the target audience and strengthen the Rivella brand for the years to come.
Company introduction

Vrumona B.V. is a leading supplier of soft drinks in the Netherlands. The company was created in the middle of the previous century when thirty small soft drinks manufacturers joined forces. Eventually, the name became Vrumona B.V., a contraction of VRUchtenliMONAde (FRUit leMONAde).

In 1968, the famous brewery Heineken N.V. bought up Vrumona completely. Vrumona has many own brands (Crystal Clear, Sisi, Royal Club, JOY, Climax, Sourcy Vitaminwater and Sourcy) and in addition to this, it has licence agreements with a number of world famous soft drink manufacturers (Pepsi, 7UP, Rivella and Gatorade).



In the creation phase a lot of attention was given to the merge of 2D and 3D to create a unique Rivella ownable design in all the stages of the customer journey. An exciting exercise of zooming in and out to the general appearance and all the little details, textures, lines, brand-mark and so on to make the design perfect.


Close cooperation with the production facility, technical specialists, filling line experts and operational staff at Vrumona assured the good execution of the design to guarantee an efficient and hassle-free production cycle.

Rivella_Marketing packaging

Rivella promotional

To support the new packaging launch a personalized gift box was created that expresses the different stages in a packaging design process.


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