Royal Smilde - Bebo Culinaire

Convenience serves the chef at any time.

Royal Smilde is a family company that was founded in 1863. For this leading food manufacturer, a new liquid butter bottle has been developed. It goes by the name of Bebo Culinaire and it is completely tailored to the end-user. 

Design an easy-to-open and user-friendly bottle that underlines the Quality of the Bebo content.
A versatile bottle with a strong presence fulfilling all the requirements both functional and design-wise
The choice of liquid butter in the kitchens of top chef Jan Smink.
Company introduction

With more than 1000 different products, we reach our customers and consumers in more than 60 countries.

Our brands and private label solutions offer a wide variety of sales channels. For more than 150 years, Royal Smilde has been your partner in innovation, quality and long-term success.


Extensive Field research including the visit of several professional kitchens revealed new insights and underlined the needs and wants at the start of the project.  The interviews with professionals revealed further points of attention



The design is optimized towards the usage. This is translated into a clear grip surface with the informative label. The content is visible on the shelf and the bottle can be emptied completely leaving no residue.


With the blow moulding technique in mind, the bottle is optimised for series production. The easy to open cap is injection moulded in the Bebo blue colour.


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