To design the machine, containers and UI for the Summox One, together with a multidisciplinary team. Our goal was to make a beautifully looking product, while keeping user friendliness in mind.
A high-quality system that washes, disinfects and sterilizes dental instruments within 15 minutes. With the sophisticated technology of the Summox One, dental instruments are always sterile.
A faster, safer and easier way of disinfecting ensures impeccably cleaned dental instruments in line with worldwide regulations.

Company introduction

Summox improves the quality, safety and effectiveness of healthcare. We develop and deliver, especially in the field of dentistry, unsurpassed, innovative infection control solutions for reusable medical instruments and devices.



Summox asked us to design the machine, the containers and the User Interface of the Summox One, but before the designing process can start, there has to be a clear image of Summox and their future product. Moodboards and key values provide a distinct picture at a glance.


User interface analyse

User Interface design is an important component of the Summox One.

We started by summarizing all the functions the UI should have, which resulted in a rough flowchart. This comprehensive flowchart shows all the possible configurations, which is the starting point for the designing process of an early bird prototype.

Covering and containers

The design of the sheet metal covering had to be appealing as well as functional. The asymetrical radius and elypse shape created a challenge for the engineers, but with extensive prototyping, the appropriate shape was found.

The same process was applied to the containers, which have to be air-tight and a safe carier for used instruments. The different instruments were analysed to ensure that the containers contain the appropriate functionalities.


User interface design (UI)

As with product design, we made a variety of concepts for the User Interface, from very bold to a very integrated look and feel. Prototypes of each concept were made to make an informed decision on what would be the best base for a good, user-friendly interface.

We refined and tested one of the concepts with multiple users and repeated this process a few times to assure it was a logical and user-friendly interface. It was also designed to correspond with the corporate identity of Summox. This included the icons, colour choice and typography.



The covering was shaped to provide a clean transition into the interactive display. With the display, the lock inside the covering can be opened to enter the inside of the machine. This door opens with its hinges on the inside to prevent it from sticking out.

Not only does the covering in the front open, the covering on the top does too. This ensures that potential repairs can be reached with ease.

Dennis-summox (1 of 1)


To ensure that the containers, which are ISO certified, are universally operable, multiple instrument inlays were created. The material choice proved to be a demanding task, because the containers have to be able to be produced against a reasonable cost. They also have to endure the circumstances of the entire cleaning process of the Summox One, so airtightness is of the essence.

User interface prototype

Using modern design tools, we were able to prototype quickly and often. This also helped a lot with the realization of the software. Working closely with Sioux in the beginning led to a cooperation which was challenging on both sides. Micro animations, swipe actions and a LED bar completed the whole design of the interface.


Mould construction

The containers, which come in two sizes, are injection molded. GBO Innovation makers had an accompanying and advising role in the realization of the mold.


Fot & Sot

The First-Of-Tool is always an exciting moment. The injection molded containers, as well as every other part of the Summox One, have been visually checked, measured and tested in order to provide the best quality. This optimization phase is vital for the future success of the product.


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