The beautifull shape
of silence.

How can we simplify the core of the WALLPOPPY in such a way that it can be produced efficiently.
The design is made in such a way that it can be applied modularly, regardless of the size.

Achieving the best acoustics.

Technical story behind the design.

The Wallpoppy is handmade in the Netherlands. The most challenging part of the project was developing the core of the flower. This part is not only the center of the design but also the mounting part. Through prototyping and various tests with 3d printed objects, one ultimately unique part was developed.

Client's perspective

“The nice thing about working with GBO is their advice and support regarding the choice of materials and their sourcing.”

A suitable appearance for any interior.

The final design has a minimalistic character. Its simplicity makes it easy to fit the ‘flower’ into your interior. The high-quality felt of pure new wool gives the Wallpoppy a luxurious look. With the many colors and the different sizes, you can customize your own preferences on the wall. Regardless of the size, they are all easy to mount due to the unique mounting system created exclusively for Wallpoppy.