Trends: globalization, climate awareness, varied dietary patterns, responsible handling of people and the environment

Promising product features: durability, immediate availability, predictable lifespan (total cost of ownership)

Agriculture sector

In a time when climate consciousness, varied diets, and the responsible handling of people and the environment are trends, globalization remains. Sustainability, immediate employability, and expected lifespan (total cost of ownership) form the basis for market opportunities. Our team translates agricultural business requirements into catchy designs and responsible products.

Fancom | eYegrow pig weighing system

Agriculture showcase


Fancom is leading in helping poultry producers, pig producers and mushroom growers improve processes in livestock houses and growing rooms. Our challenge was to create a new product that fits within the Fancom product family.


Top brands

Over the years we have been able to work with the top brands within the sector. As a result, we have built up solid knowledge that we include in the development of new innovative products in the agricultural sector. Developing successful products around the user requires empathy. By understanding the user in combination with the knowledge we have of the sector, we are able to develop products for different purposes.

Imants | 33-serie spading machine
Fancom | eYegrow pig weighing system
Kuhn | Baler machine: FBP 2135