Trends: strong growth in end-user products in the wearables, fitness and sports sectors; increasing importance of design and unique functionality in professional medical applications

Promising product features: design language as support for brand identity, functional integration of the wishes of the patient, healthcare professional, and facility manager

Health sector

People interested in maintaining and improving their health are increasingly using sports and fitness-related wearables for support. Consumers value design and unique functionality, while at the same time, we see the importance of design quality increasing in professional medical applications as well. We can crown the functional integration of the wishes of patients, healthcare professionals, and facility managers with a consistent design language that supports the brand identity. This leads to high-quality products that can be manufactured in-house.

Health showcase


Imec is a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. Together we designed a wearable that measures emotions and cognitive processes, with a consumer product look & feel for the Japanese market.

Imec | Mood 8


Charlotte Kjellander

Holst Center (operated by imec and TNO) and GBO Innovation makers have been working together on fundamental technology of the future for years. TNO researcher and team leader Charlotte Kjellander talks about how to make technology tangible.

Gymna | 100-200 series
Medical Training Tools | Upper GI-model
Embedded Fitness | Smartclip