Trends: making the quality of production visible to users and customers
Promising product features: smart customization, admirable execution



The quality of production can be made visible to users and customers by also seeing industrial machines and installations as a challenge for design. Slim customization and an admirable execution, even when it concerns only a few pieces, add value to the identity of the company. We are happy to leave our fingerprint on this part of industrial production.

Awards in this sector

Industrial cases

Product design
Cordstrap | Battery operated tensioner
Product design
Twickto | Construction toys
Product design
Gymna | 100-200 series

Questions regarding this sector?

Bas started as a product designer in the R&D department of a machine builder, an excellent place to combine user-friendliness and technology in an attractive design. Do you want to make your machines more accessible, easier to operate, and less expensive? Or should the quality be on the outside as well as the inside? Perhaps you have other questions? 

If so, reach out to Bas at or give him a call at  +31(0) 88 888 69 77. He will be happy to answer your questions.