Trends: making the quality of production visible to users and customers

Promising product features: smart customization, admirable execution

Industrial sector

The quality of production can be made visible to users and customers by also seeing industrial machines and installations as a challenge for design. Smart customization and high-quality execution, even when it is only a few pieces, add value to the identity of the company. We are happy to leave our fingerprints on this aspect of industrial production.

Industrial showcase


The Dutch company Cordstrap has more than 50 years of experience in protecting cargo during transport. They search for innovative solutions that ensure that products will safely get from A to B.

Cordstrap | Battery operated tensioner


Jan Pieters, Rioned

Rioned is European market leader in sewer cleaning equipment. For more than sixty years, the company has developed and provided sytems to clean sewers and solve sewage problems. This is another type of water management that the Netherlands excel at, partially thanks to decades of attention to industrial design. For CEO Jan Pieters, it is paramount that Rioned customers can work with the equipment anywhere, in a pleasant, effective and efficient way.

Design awards

International succes

Designing a successful product requires thorough collaboration between professionals. Over the years, we have succeeded time and again in developing award-winning designs.

Partners in the industrial sector with whom we have won a design award include Omron, Rioned, Cordstrap and many more.

Cordstrap | Accu-aangedreven bandspanner
Rioned | eControl+
Omron | Industrial PC