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Trends: influencing behavior through functionality and design

Promising product features: innovative customization


Public services sector

The government and social organizations use functionality and design to influence behavior. Success with this method requires innovative customization, developed in consultation with stakeholders. Our team knows from their own experience that every street, neighborhood, and community has its unique character. They can respond to the desire for a pleasant human experience with respect for the environment.

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Public services cases

Product design
Gemeente Helmond | Red castles
Product design
Twickto | Construction toys

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The lobby in a hospital, the town hall square, the railway tunnel, the festival site, they all have one thing in common. They are all used by people in various degrees of intensity. And where people use space, there are also questions about how best to use that space. How do you make people feel safe, and that their experience of the space is pleasant, and no undesirable situations arise. Dennis would like to exchange ideas with you about these issues and talk about how design can play a role in both thinking and doing.

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