From idea to production, we are a full-service agency, and we have built up that expertise over the past 30 years. We know every link in the chain.

Our transparent, process-based approach ensures there are no surprises, no unexpected high costs, and everything we do is according to a strict systematic approach with specialists at every stage.

Ideas come from everyone, but may not be so easy to uncover. With the right techniques and method, we retrieve what is often hidden in people’s minds. But to make an idea into a good concept, more is needed, and that is why The GBO team uses proven techniques to create a solid strategic base for each product.

Houweling | Brand Identity
Oxboard | Pro & One

What value is a product actually delivering? Which properties are crucial and which can be added later as part of the product roadmap? From road-mapping to launch, we are product marketing experts.

What is a world without design? We cannot imagine it. Design is part of our DNA, and our designs have earned commercial and professional respect. 

Summox | One
Rioned | eControl+

The interaction with products begins with the physical design. More and more, products are part of a unique eco-system or have their own interface. The symbiosis between style and function is a GBO specialty.

Translating an idea in a beautiful design and manufacturable product is a dream for any design agency. Thanks to our relationships with various producers, we know what is possible, and where. Our expertise is preparing a product for production at a detailed level. 

Menz & Gasser | JAM in JAR
Eurocoin | Onyx

Having a concept in your hands makes a world of difference. The magic of a single product that shines with the promise of mass-appeal continues to prove its value not only at exhibitions but also during user research and the sale of new technologies.

GBO Innovation makers has years of experience in supervising or even wholly taking over product production. Our lines are short, fast, and effective, allowing our clients to focus on their core activities such as marketing, sales, or other products.

Alfen | Eve Single S- and Pro-line
Twickto | Construction toys

No full-service approach is complete without guidance and realization of a product. Time and again, we have shown that we can put products on the map, both nationally and internationally. Our extensive network in both traditional and new media is invaluable for product launches.