Product launch

There are sales without attention. It’s that simple. But how do you stand out in a crowded market? What are the target audiences, and what are the objectives? Everything begins with planning and timing so that the right dominos fall in order, leading to a successful product launch.

Product launch

Timing is everything

Again and again, we see that timing is the key to success, with the right message at the right time, landing just as planned. That requires a lot of preparation and experience in combination with an extensive network. Whether for national or global product launches or introducing a company, we have the necessary skillset and connections. We work with both traditional media and influencers with the potential to reach millions. There is no standard approach; each product launch requires customization. For our clients, we always look for the ideal options within the set budget and product constraints.

Oxboard | Pro & One



The Oxboard has taken the existing hoverboard technology a few steps further. The result is the safest, most technologically advanced and most sustainable balance board.

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Albert launched products in numerous channels. From Apple to Ikea and for kickstarters to global A-brands. As member of the international reviewers press he know how to launch products on a local to global scale. Want to talk launching products or services with an expert? Ask Albert.

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