Product marketing

What value does a new product create? Which target groups should be reached, and in what way? What is the price structure? Answers to these questions come together in a schedule complete with tasks and objectives, providing a clear and transparent way of working towards success.

Product marketing


As innovation makers, we continuously think about everything that is needed to make a product a success. How do all the pieces come together? How do product properties strengthen communication and possibilities in both the supply chain and the product life-cycle? The synergistic benefits can be enormous by closely interweaving product marketing in the realization of an idea to product. In such a process, timing is everything. Sales arguments become sharper during creation, and we never lose sight of the required functionality.

Oxboard | Pro & One



The Oxboard has taken the existing hoverboard technology a few steps further. The result is the safest, most technologically advanced and most sustainable balance board.

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