Product marketing

What value does a new product create? Which target groups should be reached, in what way, and what is the price structure? Answers to these questions come together in a schedule complete with tasks and objectives, providing a clear and transparent way of working towards success.

Plan success

As innovation makers, we enjoy thinking about everything that is needed to make a product a success. In such a process, timing is everything. How do all the pieces come together? How do product properties strengthen communication and possibilities in both the supply chain and the product life-cycle? The synergistic benefits can be enormous by closely interweaving product marketing in the realization of an idea to product. Sales arguments become sharper during creation, and we never lose sight of the real functionality required.

Product design cases

Product design
Twickto | Construction toys
UI/UX Design
Rioned | eControl+

Questions regarding Product Marketing?

If you would like to know how we can help with product marketing, Albert is our expert. Albert has been responsible as product marketeer for B2B and B2C corporates like Vodafone, Vogels’s Products at Apple and the global introduction of Oxboard. As Marketing services director at GBO Albert would love to share his experience and network with you.

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