You have a beautiful product that s visually attractive, user-friendly, and cleverly engineered. It still has to be produced, and the final product often becomes far too expensive, and radical adjustments are required to get it to market. Sound familiar? That does not happen at GBO.


From sketch to shelf

We stand behind our design and engineering solutions. We can only do so with full conviction if we know how the product will ultimately be made, and what the cost price should be. We go one step further. We can produce your product ourselves. From small test series of a few hundred to a few hundred thousand per year, we do it for several of our clients. This way, we can guarantee the design quality, and we ensure that an affordable product will roll off the production line. From impact-resistant housings for EV charging stations to perfume diffusers and packaging for eye drops, we make it all. We would love to include your products among them.

Alfen | Eve Single S- and Pro-line



Alfen was founded in 1937. Today Alfen is an international organization that focuses on the development and supply of innovative products and projects in the world of electrical energy.