Test, test, test, and when you think you know everything, test some more. At GBO Innovation makers, we believe in immediately building and testing concepts from both design and engineering perspectives to arrive at the best solutions in a short time efficiently.


We invent it ourselves, so we build and test it ourselves

You learn most from your own mistakes or, better said, from your first insights that need to be adjusted later. That is why our designers and engineers make the models themselves in our own, well-equipped workshop outfitted with the latest large-format 3D FDM and Polyjet printers and various machining machines. We can produce simple shape study models, vision models, and high-end functional models for inspection processes, as well as prototypes of functioning electromechanical products.

Eurocoin Gaming | Onyx


Eurocoin gaming

We have create a device where ergonomics, comfort, functionality, appearance, affordability and maintenance meet the wishes and needs of the user.


Charlotte Kjellander

Holst Center (operated by imec and TNO) and GBO Innovation makers have been working together on fundamental technology of the future for years. TNO researcher and team leader Charlotte Kjellander talks about how to make technology tangible.