User interface design and user experience design are all but inseparable, and together they make a difference in how people use and embrace products. When combined with great design and production, they can achieve the WOW factor.


WOW factor

More than anything else, successful products are simple to use, no matter how complex they may actually be. The presentation of information on a screen, how a button works, and even surface colors can deliver that wow factor. The environment the product is in, and how people react to it is so rich and complex that we have not yet discovered all the possibilities.

Summox | One



Summox improves the quality, safety and effectiveness of healthcare. We designed the machine, containers and UI for the Summox One, together with a multidisciplinary team.


Jan Pieters, Rioned

Rioned is European market leader in sewer cleaning equipment. For more than sixty years, the company has developed and provided sytems to clean sewers and solve sewage problems. This is another type of water management that the Netherlands excel at, partially thanks to decades of attention to industrial design. For CEO Jan Pieters, it is paramount that Rioned customers can work with the equipment anywhere, in a pleasant, effective and efficient way.