As a full-service design agency, we are at the forefront of innovation to make entrepreneurial clients successful.

We help clients from idea to production. That is the expertise we have built up over the past 30 years. We know every link in the chain. Our transparent, process-based approach means there are no surprises, no unexpected high costs, and everything we do is according to a strict systematic approach with specialists at every stage. We have explained this process step by step below for you. In addition, we also visualized it in a downloadable PDF.

We design

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Discover & Strategy

This phase is the beginning of our systematic approach to creating a successful product. During this phase, we go through different steps that create clarity when it comes to the brand, the product requirements, and the needs of the market. We have developed several tools that help us and our clients get clarity on the briefing, brand DNA and the overall approach.



The create phase is seen by many as the most illustrative part of the process. Sketches get made, concepts created, and we build the first models. Everything is in the spirit of creativity at the service of the mission. We work in a multidisciplinary team structured around the assignment, enabling the project owner to keep a grip on costs and quality.



We generally consider this to be the most critical phase in the project. The final choice from the previous phase gets worked out in our CAD system. The engineer’s advisory role at the start of the project changes into a steering role. Important decisions in the areas of construction, materials, and production are taken based on a combination of our 30-year track record, or expertise, and hands-on experience.

We develop



The final production files form the solid basis for the mold drawing and then the actual production mold. The files are checked, and the intended product tested using the prototypes. We make these in-house, with the use of various 3D printers. With the start of the mold construction, we also look at the things that are important during the production phase, such as assembly, printing, and quality control.



After the first products have come out of the mold, the results are measured and optimized before actual production begins. Improvements get documented and implemented. Everything focuses on the original goal; creating a successful product. This stage requires fluid teamwork, which we achieve with or proven, long-term partners.



We meticulously monitor the production; our commitment and responsibility go much further than just a beautiful design. With audits and clear, quality reports, we leave nothing to chance, whether 1,000 or 1,000,000 per year terms. Our production engineers continue following the product and are in close contact with our clients. The packaging is also an essential part of this phase.

We deliver


Quality control

We believe that quality is a continuous process that should be independently monitored by us. On behalf of our clients, we follow all production steps and continuously look for opportunities for product improvement. We also monitor the cost price. A well-selling product is not only in the interest of our client. Possible future problems are prevented here, building confidence.



This project part actually made of two parts. First, during the design process, we already take the logistics requirements that ultimately enable effective shipping into account. Second, matters such as customs, container occupation, and track and trace are arranged. We ensure delivery to your distribution center.



More and more parties ask for direct delivery to the end-user. This is only possible if the process is arranged properly and based on clear agreements. We already take care of this for various parties, whereby we also play a distinctive role in product marketing.

Questions regarding our workflow?

As co-founder of GBO Innovation makers, Jacques, together with Erwin Boes and Jeroen op ten Berg, laid the foundation where the organization meets deadlines time and time again and wins prizes. That success doesn’t come overnight. This is based on a process approach that is as transparent as it is detailed. An approach that has even been embraced by colleagues. Why? Because this approach spreads costs and risk over clear decision moments. Want to know more about our proven approach?

Please contact Jacques Gramser, he will be happy to answer your question. You can reach him at +31 (0) 88 888 69 11