Bavaria - 'It's all in the game' beertap

Turns the bartender into a game host.

Think beyond caps and other giveaways for the promotion teams of Bavaria, so that interactive contact with the public leads to a Bavaria party.
The game "It's all in the game." An addition easily placed on a beer tap turns the bartender into the host of a game show with many winners.
Food and beverage entrepreneurs can distinguish themselves with this promotional offer. A playful evening on tap provides the entrepreneur and Bavaria with additional sales and revenue.
Company introduction

Bavaria is a family company from Lieshout in Brabant, the Netherlands. They are the largest independent Dutch brewery with an annual production of more than seven million hectoliters of beer. Bavaria is known for using sophisticated marketing to introduce new products to potential niche markets. Time and again, their actions catch positive attention because they know how to contact the target group innovatively.

Bavaria beertap

Product introduction

In the Bavaria logo, the compass needle stubbornly points to the south. Based on that premise, GBO has designed an addition that fits every beer tap and is easy to assemble on-site for a few hours of fun. The first models of this portable equipment for a game show in the pub were tested and developed further. GBO then built dozens of high-quality demonstration kits the promotion teams used.


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