NPS Diesel - IODA

Define and prepare the introduction of the IODA brand.

Define and prepare the introduction of the IODA brand for real-time and remote insight into the performance of complete machine fleet in shipping, offshore, industry, logistics, and agriculture.
The precise definition of the brand in words and images lays the foundation for further marketing and communication through NPS Diesel's own network.
IODA introduces applications of the Internet Of Things, to fleet owners, machine builders, dealers and service providers. These applications can improve performance and reduce maintenance efforts.
Company introduction

NPS Diesel imports (marine) diesel engines from John Deere, industrial G2 engines from Doosan, and marine engines from Nanni. It supplies DAF Paccar engines, Sinocox alternators and has its own brands: Zenoro generators and Xeamos exhaust after-treatment systems. IODA fulfilled their commitment to sustainable employability, efficient fuel consumption, and low emissions with their monitoring software that provides global real-time insight into the performance of the products supplied.


NPS Diesel’s IODA has excellent potential in a market where remote monitoring is still under development. To take advantage of these opportunities, brand DNA and values must be clear to potential customers. GBO and the IODA team have mapped out what remote monitoring can mean and have created a strategic route to enter the relevant markets.



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