SmartClips, the interactive training system.

Develop gym equipment with interactive elements.
Robust, easy to attach modules that can be used multifunctionally in the gym.

The next step in gym equipment innovation.

The SmartClips is an excellent support for training in amateur and top sports, but also very suitable for exercise therapy in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. For physical education, the SmartClips make an inspiring and validated contribution to the curriculum. 

Explaining the nodes.

The hub consists of three parts, these are: the nodes, the case, and the tablet. The nodes are the separate parts that can be mechanically clicked onto any gym equipment, they contain sensors and colored LEDs with which the user can interact. The case is the part in which the nodes can be charged, it also contains a router that provides wireless communication. To select exercises or games, a tablet is required with an associated application, which is wirelessly connected to the case and the nodes. The activated lamps should be switched off themselves as soon as possible. Speed, program duration and light and sound settings can be easily adjusted on the accompanying tablet. The loose Clips can be placed on floors, walls and objects. The Clips can be attached to almost any surface thanks to a combination of magnets and Velcro.

Client's thought

“GBO Innovation makers advice on material selection in relation to costs and manufacturability are extremely valuable.”

Necessary steps to deliver a successful product.

The turn-key approach enabled us to efficiently go through the necessary steps to arrive at a successful product. The design, development and delivery strategy, with us in charge of production, was a key driver for Embedded fitness to work with us. From the first sketch, through the mold set-up and production quality control, our dedication ensured that Embedded Fitness could successfully bring a product to market. This leads to a strong collaboration with GBO for production and Embedded fitness focused on sales and distribution.

Our perspective

“Taking full responsibility as a producer of the Smartclips allowed us to control the quality from start to finish.”

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