Alfen - Eve single product line

Delivered at the pace of the fast growing demand from Alfen.

Produce and deliver complete housings for high-end charging stations, keeping pace with the fast-growing market share of Alfen.
Robust, safe and reliable housings. Delivered in large numbers at the pace of the fast growing demand from Alfen.
A growing demand for Alfen charging points. In other words, more and more Eve Single S- and Pro-line charging points in the street.
Company introduction

Alfen was founded in 1937. Today, it is an international organization that focuses on the development and delivery of innovative products and projects in the world of electric energy. They are dedicated to build the electricity grid of the future: reliable, sustainable and innovative.

Product introduction

The Eve Single product line is a high-end charging station. Alfen chose GBO Innovation makers as their production partner for engineering support, mould manufacturing, production, quality control and logistics.

The charging stations are designed to be physically compact, without compromising Alfen’s smart functionality.  They are suitable for business and home use and can be wall or pole mounted.


The housing of the charging stations is manufactured out of high-end EV market prescribed polycarbonate according to IK10 and IP55 ratings. Its compact casing includes an advanced full-color 3,5” screen with intelligent user interface and can be wall-mounted or optional on a pole.


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