Gemeente Helmond

Red castle route

How can we make the connection between the station and the center in a recognizable and appropriate manner in Helmond?
Clarifying the route with a recognizable reference, namely the iconic castle in the heart of the center. Presented on top of the signage between Helmond station and the center.
It promotes Helmond in an iconic way for tourism and it contributes to the care Helmonders take for the common property and in particular the(ir) castle.

Organisation introduction

Helmond (dialect (Helmonds): Hèllemond) is a city and municipality in the province of North Brabant in the Netherlands. The municipality and city has 91,524 inhabitants (1 January 2019, source: CBS). Characteristic of the city of Helmond is a past of the metal and textile industry.



From the initiative to improve the approach route to the center, we looked for what Helmond, Helmond represents. People of Helmond are very proud of their castle. Our search for the symbol of Helmond was therefore determined in no time. In combination with the new city logo, based on the top view of the castle, the castle was undoubtedly the starting point of the design process.



After designing various proposals, it quickly became clear which direction we were headed. The characteristic shape of the castle simplified on top of the signage and lampposts in the route from the station to the castle and center. Of course in the house style color red of the Municipality of Helmond.


The project was presented in person by Jeroen op ten Berg (Director / Partner GBO Innovation makers) to the mayor of Helmond: Mrs. Elly Blanksma-van den Heuvel. It was the kick-off for the completion of the project. Real prototypes and eventually red castles could be made from sketches and renders.



The project was completely realized by local stakeholders. We as a development agency based in Helmond are responsible for design and engineering. Production and realization was carried out by Munsters Metaal Helmond.


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