Kroonring - Plastic waste collector

Installed in more than 100.000 locations.

To create a vandal-resistant product to collect plastic and other packaging materials from residential homes.
A plastic ring with knobs on the outside for hanging tightly-bound garbage bags. The Kroonring can be mounted around any light poles, no matter their diameter.
The Kroonring is installed at over 100,000 locations. Residents hang waste bags containing plastic bottles and flasks, metal packaging, and beverage cartons. Collection services can collect it more efficiently.
Company introduction

On their own initiative, and with municipalities as their target group, GBO developed this product for the public sector. It is an example public services sector project, in which GBO offers services and products to improve the living environment. Waste collection is a costly core task for municipalities that requires a great deal of attention while meeting various environmental objectives.

Product introduction

The Kroonring is a safe, sturdy suspension bracket for the collection of waste bags. The ring can be attached to a pole and offers space to several households to hang the waste bags.

Kroonring oranje

Full-service development

Kroonring is a full-service development from idea to end product that brings all of GBO’s knowledge and skills together. GBO identified the national environmental program, Plastic Hero, as a challenge for improvement.


Intermediaries have informed municipalities and waste collectors of the short installation time and ease of use of the Kroonring. GBO manages production and delivery, even outside Europe, where Kroonring is now attracting attention.


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Kroonring | Plastic waste collector