Kuhn - Baler concept exploration

The new streamlined design suits today's agricultural sector.

Starting with the housing of the FBP 2135 baler machines, create a design that can serve as the DNA for future products.
The new streamlined design suits today's agricultural sector and can last for at least ten years. Molds for the new plastic sheet parts are suitable for the whole family.
The new design DNA has made Kuhn's line of press machines clearly recognizable, with a positive effect on sales figures. Various machines have been internationally recognized with professional awards in design and agriculture.
Company introduction

Kuhn is the international market leader in agricultural implements. Whether for plowing or sowing, fertilizing or forage harvesting, chopping or pressing, Kuhn has the machines for the job. Kuhn’s high-quality products are produced in Geldrop in consultation with the customer.


Building on the ambition to provide the indispensable machine park to the agricultural sector, Kuhn-Geldrop also wanted to have future-proof design DNA.


Concept exploration

GBO Innovation makers started with the compact two-wheel variant of the baler in the transition from metal sheet metal to plastic based on molds. The knowledge acquired turned out to also fit well with the four-wheel version, whose design supports the recognisability of the product family.


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