Motexion - Double cap T6 cabin

A safe and comfortable double cabin for the Volkswagen T6.

Develop a safe and comfortable double cabin for the Volkswagen T6 van that matches the brand style.
Traveling to a job with up to six people, including tools and materials, is more fun than ever in the T6. After installation, the bench seat frame and panels look like the original Volkswagen design.
Volkswagen importers have noticed that the double cab T6 is more popular than ever. It was recognized with the quality stamp "Recognition Good Industrial Design (GIO)" from the Designlink Stichting.
Company introduction

Every company car must suit its users. That is why Motexion supplies numerous forms of inner linings to transport materials and tools optimally in all common brands. The company focused on details so that the adjustments require as few steps as possible: reuse of existing openings in the body, blind mounting where possible, fixing with plastic snaps or glue where possible, and screws only if there is no other option.

Product design

In collaboration with Volkswagen importer Pon, GBO developed the double cabin for the T6 based on the requirement that the design, colors, and choice of materials of the interior should fit seamlessly with the brand. In addition to safety and comfort for the end-user, efficient assembly was also part of the requirements. The engineering of the plastic parts, completed in a few months, was also part of this project.


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