Trends: mobility as a service, infrastructure connectivity

Promising product features: comfort, individual character

Mobility sector

More and more, individuals are using features from service-based offerings made possible through the increasing connectivity of infrastructure products and services. Comfort and character remain the star elements for the mobility of today and tomorrow and is part of our DNA. We collaborate with Brainport Region, the international automation hotspot, and our designers and engineers have extensive experience in this sector, from transportation to charging stations and digital services.

Mobility showcase


The Oxboard has taken the existing hoverboard technology a few steps further in the high-tech region of Eindhoven. The result is the safest, most technologically advanced and most sustainable balance board.

Oxboard | Pro & One

Design awards

IF Award & GIO

In mobility we have some award winning designs. One of these is the IF Award. Won with the design of a horse trailer for Henra. Another winner is Rioned’s UrbanCombi (as seen on the picture) that has won a GIO award in 2017.

Pal-V | Liberty Pioneers Edition
Oxboard | Pro & One
Sekisui | Full-scale demonstrator car