Trends: mobility as a service, infrastructure connectivity
Promising product features: comfort, individual character


Mobility sector

In mobility, individuals use more features from service-based offerings, made possible by the increasing connectivity of infrastructure products and services. Comfort and character remain promising elements for the mobility of today and tomorrow. All this is in the DNA of our teams. From our office in Helmond we have direct contact with the Brainport Region, the international automation hotspot. Our designers and engineers have extensive experience in this sector, from everything with wheels to charging stations and digital services.

Awards in this sector


Mobility cases

Product design
Oxboard | Pro & One
Product design
Twickto | Construction toys
Product design
Imec | EEG Headset

Questions regarding this sector? Ask Jeroen.

Everything that moves, independently or not, with or without wheels, electricity, petrol, or hydrogen, is Jeroen’s passion. It is not surprising that we have worked on the most diverse mobility projects since the start of GBO Innovation makers. Would you like to exchange ideas about a problem or idea with Jeroen?

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