Omron - Industrial PC

Omron supplies technology worldwide.

Design a PC enclosure for an industrial environment that maintains temperature controllability during high-heat generation for optimum performance, without allowing dust accumulation.
The high-end aluminum housing with a strategically designed labyrinth of internal cooling channels and hidden active cooling elements maintain the performance of the Omron industrial PC in demanding production environments.
Because this robust computer rarely fails, there are far fewer interruptions in automated (production) processes. The Red Dot Award design confirms the advantage of Omron's industrial PCs.
Company introduction

Omron supplies technology worldwide for industrial automation, healthcare, and electronic components. Originally a Japanese high-tech company, Omron has grown into a significant global industrial partner with products ranging from robots and medical equipment to micro-controllers. At their European headquarters in the Netherlands, an extensive R&D department works on innovations in the field of industrial automation.


We created the design style using concept cards, mood boards, and 3D CAD visualizations, focusing on heat development and dissipation.



Exhaustive testing was performed to determine whether the materials would behave as designed. In addition to the 3D prints, we also extensively test milled aluminum models in a user environment. After optimization during the engineering phase, and in consultation with Omron’s R&D team, we transferred the designs for production.


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