This exceptional gaming pillow lets everyone play

A new look for the first version of Pillo with hygienic properties and the right ventilation of materials for the ultimate operation of the technology.
A soft and cuddly pillow that can be used as a game controller by hugging, squeezing, twisting and shaking. In this way, children (and the elderly) with EMB can playfully improve their social development.

Responsible gaming console for healthcare, daycare and education

In the Netherlands there are approximately four to six thousand children and ten thousand adults with EMB. They have a very severe intellectual disability (IQ below 25 or an estimated developmental perspective up to 24 months of age) and severe motor disabilities. People with EMB are completely dependent on others due to their limitations. They can only understand limited information, often cannot speak and do not understand many words. They communicate through sounds, posture, muscle tension and facial expressions. Due to the motor limitations, people with EMB can only move their bodies very limited.

Pillo is extremely suitable for people with severe motor disabilities due to its functional, friendly and soft shape. Users can operate the cushion by simply applying slight pressure to it. As a result, they do not have to hold a typically gaming ‘controller’.